Tyler Carter from Issues at West Palm Warped Tour.


That time I showed @riandawson and @awgaskarth the Meshuggah “Wolf of Wall St” video! Before and after! Lets just say it was a success! 📷: @elmakias


Even John would have hated John.

@awgaskarth: Me n’ Her and some Mermen.



My dad credits this as his favorite photo of me.

When I was younger, I was very socially anxious. I hated crowds, hated attention, hated being up on stage. In preschool there was this little Halloween show that we put on, and man, I did not want to do that shit, let me tell you. All those parents watching me sing some stupid song? Nah, that ain’t me.

But I was forced to, and I was pissed about it. My dad was in the audience, taking pictures and enjoying the show. In that moment, I swear, my tiny four year old was pure rage and resentment. I felt the word “fuck” years before I knew what it was.

My dad pointed the camera at me, and I turned, and I looked. I gave him the look that summed up all the anger, all the absolute fury that was brewing inside me. He says that he had never before seen such a perfect depiction of total and complete hatred. In his four year old son.

To this day whenever I get pissed, he calls me “Buzz Lightyear”.

I felt the word “fuck” years before I knew what it was.

Brendon, reading a Miley Cyrus interview to the band. (x)

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